Michigan Guide Services

We offer both Steelhead and Salmon charters on the wild and scenic PM River. All tackle is provided. Shore lunch is also provided on 8 hour trips. Your guide will meet you right at the boat launch where you will climb aboard our 18ft Stealthcraft Power Drifter. During your trip your guide will also educate you on the river and the fish you are targeting that day. It's also a wonderful time to see some of the other wildlife, which ranges from bald eagles to whitetail deer. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience for all of our clients. 


(Oncorhynchus Mykiss)

Here in West Michigan, our Steelhead season typically starts around middle of October and lasts all the way until the beginning of May. The first fish that come up in the fall from October-November are aggressive, hard fighting, acrobatic maniacs! They will literally eat anything the smells like a salmon egg or looks like one. Spinners and crankbaits also stick plenty of fish. As our season progresses into winter, the temps steadily get colder which starts making the fish lethargic. Meaning that they slow down running up the river, tend to eat smaller food sources and are not as aggressive. Typically the deep, slow holes and runs is where winter steelhead will be hanging out. Towards the end of winter is when the fish that have been in the river all winter start staging to spawn. They are typically the first ones to hit the beds then head back out to Lake Michigan. At the same time loads of fresh fish that are ready to spawn start swarming our rivers, eating everything in their path on their way upstream.  Steelhead are an amazing species of fish, living some of their lives in the big lake, some of their lives in the river and spawning 3-4 times in their lifetime! Nothing beats hooking into a 14lb chrome steelhead that thinks he/she can fly!

Chinook Salmon


During late summer, thousands of King Salmon start staging outside of our river mouths to make their annual spawning journey into one of our many tributaries. This allows us to fish for them as they make their way up river. Primarily, we use skein under a bobber and cast big, loud crankbaits. When you hook into a fresh king salmon on light tackle, its like hooking into a very angry pitbull. Their enormous size and brute strength gives us an amazing battle of a lifetime. Making multiple 50 yard runs, jumping over logs, swimming into log jams, they give you a run for your money. Battling one of these giants is something everybody should experience once in their lifetime!